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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now You Can Wipe Your Ass On Hillary Clinton's Face !

Hillary Clinton

Are you sick of seeing "Queen" Hillary's face everywhere? Well, now you can put her next to her rightful throne - your own! A great gift for that Republican you know, or a gag gift for a Democrat! Her face is printed throughout the whole roll!

Or Maybe You Would Rather Wipe It On One Of These Guy's

Dick Cheney

Now the current VP is on TP! If you think he's full of crap, you can show it with this hilarious toilet paper. Show your disdain for the current administration - or give it as a gag gift!

Rush Limbaugh

Tired of Mr. Conservate - the self-proclaimed mouth piece of the right wing - filling up the airwaves? Now the big, fat idiot can meet your big, fat ass!

George Bush

Some would argue that this is the most appropriate media for displaying George W. Bush! Individually Shrink-wrapped.

With classic quotes... "They misunderestimated me," "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption," and "Bring 'em on"


We all know the type of person who buys the absolute cheapest toilet paper they can find. Well PrankPlace is pleased to offer our GENERIC TOILET TISSUE, this is actually real toilet paper labeled with this hilarious label. Makes a great gag gift, or even a funny practical joke by leaving it in your 'victims' bathroom.

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