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Friday, January 19, 2007

Kyrill kills six in Poland

Warsaw - Hurricane-force winds claimed at least six victims and injured dozens overnight Thursday to Friday, as winter storm Kyrill battered Poland with winds in excess of 120 kilometres per hour, Poland's TVN24 news channel reported Friday quoting emergency services.
Thousands of toppled trees blocked roads, nearly 800,000 homes across the country were left without electricity and hundreds of others were damaged.
Emergency officials urged the public to remain in doors overnight and to exercise caution outdoors Friday.
Howling winds dropped from in excess of 120 kilometres per hour overnight to an average 80 kilometres per hour Friday, with weather forecasts predicting a further decline in wind speeds later in the day.

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A two-ton steel beam fell off the train station façade onto an outdoor staircase 40 meters (130 feet) below on Thursday evening. A second girder likewise came loose but settled on the beam just below it. The entire train station was shut down and remained closed to passengers for 14 hours, though nobody was hurt in the incident. Service resumed at 1:30 on Friday afternoon.
But questions remain as to how a major chunk of a modern, newly-built structure could simply fall off. On Friday morning, experts from the German national railway and the construction firm which built the station inspected the building to determine its safety. The first order of business was to determine whether the façade was in danger of shedding more of its steel girders.

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Infamous 'Fab 5' cheerleaders regret condom joke

DALLAS - It took only a moment to snap the photo that made the "Fab Five" famous. Now, they would do anything to erase that moment.
The five McKinney North High School cheerleaders, each in uniform and holding phallus-shaped candles, thought it would be funny to pose for the picture inside a condom store - a harmless joke for their friends to see on MySpace.
"We will never live it down," says Elizabeth Griffin, seen in her former role as a McKinney North High School cheerleader. She graduated early and is now headed to college. advertisement
They never imagined it might cost one of their mothers her job as high school principal and, then, thrust them into the latest national debate over the questionable behavior of popular teenage girls.
"It was a stupid mistake," Elizabeth Griffin, 18, one of the cheerleaders, told the Dallas Morning News on Saturday. "We will never live it down, but we never thought about that at the time."
The cheerleaders and their parents spoke out for the first time because, they say, the national media has spun a story portraying the girls as drunken, mean, sex-crazed and out of control.

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Top Ten Little-Known Facts About Barack Obama

1. As as child, was taunted with "Obama's so fat jokes"

2. After finishing Harvard law, served as Doug Llewelyn's understudy on "The People's Court"

3. Follows Bush's weekly radio address DJ-ing the "Barock and Roll Power Hour"

4. Real last name: Obamawitz

5. At Senate hearings, throws on his iPod whenever John Kerry has the floor

6. Played Kenickie in the Senate production of "Grease"

7. Makes immigration speeches as hilarious, uninformed foreigner "Borat Obama"

8. Even Donald Trump can't think of anthing nasty to say about him

9. Presides over Congressional Committee to lower Al Gore's body fat

10. Only running for president to piss off Hilary

Late Show

LG's PRADA Phone Rivals Apple iPhone

In the catwalk-crazed nooks of society, the fashionistas who gleefully fork over nearly $3,000 for a PRADA bag, can now have a new, matching accessory -- a PRADA phone. South Korea's LG Electronics has teamed up with Italy's infamous high-end apparel and accessories manufacturer to produce an equally high-end phone.
The companies are touting the PRADA Phone by LG as a real breakthrough in the industry, describing it as the first completely touch-screen mobile phone, apparently sidestepping the fact that Apple introduced its own touch-screen iPhone just last week.
Indeed, there are numerous similarities. The PRADA Phone by LG plays music and videos on a wide, LCD screen. It has a 2-megapixel camera, eight megabytes of internal memory, and yes, it looks a lot like Apple's iPhone. The slick, button-free, touch-screen interface is particularly similar.
Randy Guisto, IDC's Group Vice President of Mobility, Computing, and Consumer Markets, isn't surprised by the comparisons. "A lot of people will say it's an iPhone rival," he tells us, because there are no other buttonless phones out there yet.
And even though the two phones share some of the same characteristics, he says, the PRADA phone is aimed at a high-end consumer, with plenty of extra cash to spend.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

QB Michael Vick's water bottle being tested for marijuana

Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is being investigated after signs of marijuana were found in a water bottle he carried at an airport security check, according to a police report.
The bottle, with a hidden compartment that had ``a pungent aroma closely associated with marijuana,'' was taken from a recycling bin at Miami International Airport yesterday, the report by Miami-Dade Police said. A substance, described as ``a dark particulate,'' was sent to a lab for analysis, which might take three months, police said.
Vick, 26, a passenger on an Air Tran flight from Miami to Atlanta yesterday, wasn't arrested. He surrendered the bottle and passed through security before the substance was found, police said. Vick wasn't available for comment and agent Joel Segal didn't return a message left on his mobile phone.
``Right now we're waiting for the lab results,'' police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta said in a telephone interview. ``Depending on those results, we'll then determine where the investigation goes next.''
The National Football League Falcons said in a statement that they ``plan to look into this matter and discuss it further with Michael before having any further comment.''
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Apple’s “iPhone” Won’t Work in Half the U.S.

Apple has chosen AT&T's Cingular Wireless for their service carrier but they are not in every state in the U.S., and not in all areas in the states they do cover.
Apple has gotten America very excited about their new "iPhone". The problem is that they have chosen AT&T's Cingular Wireless as the service provider and they are not available in many states, and not in all areas in the states that they do cover. That leaves almost half the nation without the ability to use the new Apple gadget.
The "iPhone" is Apples newest music player, with a twist. It is a mobile phone as well, and as an added twist, it has no buttons. It is a touch-screen number pad with more bells and whistles than you can imagine. It even allows the user to surf the web from the device, but again, only where there is Cingular coverage.

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Vermonters won’t be able to take advantage of Apple’s iPhone because it will be offered by a wireless carrier that doesn’t maintain a network in the state.
The iPhone, which combines an iPod music player, cellphone, and full-featured Internet browser, is goes on sale in June, but only in areas served by AT&T’s Cingular Wireless, with which Apple has an exclusive distribution deal.
The iPhone service won’t be available in all or large portions of Maine, New Hampshire, Alaska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, upstate New York, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming, among other places.

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The iPhone: What you need to know

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Doomsday Clock Moved Ahead

LONDON -- The world is nudging closer to nuclear or environmental apocalypse, a group of prominent scientists warned Wednesday as it pushed the hand of its symbolic Doomsday Clock closer to midnight.
The clock, which was set two minutes forward to 11:55, represents the likelihood of a global cataclysm. Its ticks have given the clock's keepers a chance to speak out on the dangers they see threatening Earth.
It was the fourth time since the Soviet collapse in 1991 that the clock ticked forward amid fears over what the scientists describe as "a second nuclear age" prompted largely by standoffs with Iran and North Korea. But urgent warnings of climate change also played a role.

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James Brown not yet buried amid battle over will

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Nearly three weeks after James Brown's funeral, the "Godfather of Soul" is yet to be buried and his former partner is contesting his will in a bid to receive half of his estate. Brown's body is being kept in a temperature-controlled room at his home in South Carolina in the bronze and gold-plated coffin used for his funeral in Augusta, Georgia, on December 30, funeral director Charlie Reid told Reuters on Wednesday. The family is building a mausoleum at the home on Beech Island and would bury Brown when it was finished, likely next month, said Reid, adding that he checked on the body daily. "These things (delaying burials) occur from time to time. It's not something that's usual but for special occasions it's something that can occur," he said. A lawyer involved in the case said the burial would likely attract thousands.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell Makeup

Britney Spears Pukes All Over Her New Boyfriend

The other day we were idly compiling a list of all the various ways that Britney Spears had alienated whatever fans she had left, and we realised that - hey - Britney Spears hadn't barfed copious amounts of runny vomit all over a boy yet.
Well, there is a God and he appears to be listening. According to reports, Britney Spears has been continuing to get over her messy split from Kevin Federline by treating her new boyfriend Isaac Cohen to the sort of lifestyle that only the fallen princess of pop can give a man; a weekend in a ridiculously overpriced hotel and a very special gift - the gift of spewing unrelenting torrents of warm gushing puke all over his clothes like an out-of-control fire hose attached to a very ill man's guts. Us next, Britney! Us next!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Comet McNaught,Coming To Oz !

If you are one of those comet-watchers desperately disappointed by the total flop of Halley's Comet in 1986, make sure you get out early this evening and every night until at least Friday to watch Comet McNaught, which is promising much better viewing.Comet McNaught, named after the Australian astronomer R H McNaught, who discovered it last year, will be visible low on the western horizon just after sunset from this evening for about a week, although tonight's viewing should be the best.Each night's show should last about half-an-hour, and it could be spectacular - although this is not guaranteed, as the Halley fizzle proved.

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Image Credit: Brian Lula via NASA.gov

Comet McNaught has continued to brighten as it approaches the sun and it is now the brightest comet in 30 years. For observers in the northern Hemisphere, tonight is probably the best time to see it: Go outside this evening and face the sunset. A clear view of the western horizon is essential, because the comet hangs very low. As the twilight fades to black, it should become visible to the naked eye. Observers say it's a fantastic sight through binoculars.
In the days ahead, Comet McNaught will pass the sun and emerge in good position for southern hemisphere viewing later this month. Meanwhile, solar heating will continue to puff up the comet, causing it to brighten even more. It could become one of the brightest comets in centuries, visible even in daylit skies.
I wonder if there are any plans for a group of insane people to take-off on Comet McNaught like they did on Hale Bopp…

Other views of Comet Hale Bopp

Heaven’s Gate

UFO Cults

Saddam Hussein’s Half Brother Hanged,Anger At Beheading “Mishap”

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two of Saddam Hussein's aides were hanged before dawn on Monday, the Iraqi government said, admitting that the head of his half-brother Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti was also ripped from his body during the execution. On the defensive after international uproar over sectarian taunts during the illicitly filmed hanging of the ousted president two weeks ago, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh insisted there was "no violation of procedure" during the executions of Barzan and former judge Awad Hamed al-Bander. But defense lawyers and politicians from Saddam's once dominant Sunni Arab minority expressed fury at the fate of Barzan, Saddam's once feared intelligence chief, and there was also skepticism and condemnation of Iraq's Shi'ite-dominated government across the mostly Sunni-ruled Arab world.

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Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti is Saddam Hussein's half-brother, and his wife is the sister of Saddam's first wife, Sajeda Kheit Allah. However, disputes emerged between the Iraqi president and his half brother that surfaced in 1983 when Barazan was the chief of intelligence. The president removed his brother to outside the government until 1988 when Barazan became Iraq's representative at the UN in Geneva. As the Iraqi ambassador to the UN in Geneva, he had responsibility for the regime's finances abroad. Barzan has pushed a claim to succeed Saddam against Uday and Saddam's younger son Qusay. His evident reluctance to return to Iraq at the end of 1998 put him under the spotlight of suspicion, and he has been interrogated at length by Qusay. By mid-1999 the tide had turned against Barzan as Saddam's immediate family has accused him of plotting to overthrow the regime. Those charges may have caused Barzan to briefly flee abroad before returning to Baghdad. On 27 December 1999 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein granted high medals to his three half-brothers in their first public meeting in two years. Several medals went to Barzan Ibrahim El-Hasan al-Takriti, Iraq's former permanent delegate in the European headquarters of UN in Geneva,who was granted five bravery medals and two high medals of merit. Medals also went to Watban Ibrahim El-Hasan al-Takriti, the former minister of interior who was granted the bravery medal and the high medal of merit, and the third half-brother, Zabawi Ibrahim El-Hasan al-Takriti, was granted the bravery medal. Barzan Ibrahim Hasan Al-Tikriti was taken into coalition custody April 16, 2003, during a raid in Baghdad.
Awad Hamed al-Bander was chief justice of the Iraqi Revolutionary Court and is now 60 years of age. According to the indictment, he conducted show trials which often lead to summarydeathsentences.Al-BanderpasseddeathsentencesonmanyShiitesfromthevillageofDujail. The events in Dujail started to unroll on 8 July 1982 when Saddam Hussein visited the Shiite town to meet with tribal leaders. Dujail was a stronghold of the Shiite Dawa Party which carried out terrorist attacks in Iraq to protest against the war with Shiite Iran. The Dawa party wanted to assassinate Saddam Hussein to avenge the execution of one of its founders. When Hussein’s motorcade entered the city, the Dawa members opened fire. A four hour battle ensued. Saddam Hussein was saved by soldiers and army helicopters. He is said to have assured that there would be no retaliation. However, the secret service soon went into action: the town’s fruit plantations were destroyed and nearly 150 people killed. The youngest victims were 13 years old.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Michael Brecker Dies of Leukemia

The music world lost one of it’s greats yesterday.Michael Brecker died from leukemia in NYC.I was introduced to Michael and his brother Randy’s great talents through Frank Zappa.Both Brecker brothers are outstanding musicians and I urge anyone who never heard them play to treat themselves to some of the greatest Jazz the world has ever known…BJC

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Michael’s Site

Michael’s Myspace

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Daniela Cicarelli Animation

The Daniela Cicarelli Saga !!!

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — A time-honored Brazilian pastime — getting frisky with a significant other on the beach — has ignited a nationwide debate about Internet freedoms.
The difference in this case is that the sex caught on video and displayed on the Internet involved one of Brazil's top models, Daniela Cicarelli, cavorting with her banker boyfriend on the Spanish seaside.

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The Video

Seriously,who in their right minds will fuck on a public beach and not expect it to wind-up on Youtube.These are two of the highest profile people in Brazil and they don’t think people are watching them everywhere they go?Even Britney Spears knew when she left her panties in the drawer that night that her crotch would be plastered all over the internet the next morning…BJC